USA bus tours

The bus network within the US has an amazing reach with the primary bus operator greyhound operating close to 2400 bus stops and depots. Bus travel within the US is also one of the cheapest transport methods and allows tourists to see local attractions and scenery that they would have missed had they flown from one city to another.

Major Bus Operators in the US

Airport Transfer Operators in US
GO Airport Shuttle
Major Theme Parks in the US
Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio
Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, California
King’s Island, Mason, Ohio
Six Flags Great America, Gunree, Illinois
Knoebels Amusement Resort, Elysburg, Pennsylvania
Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels, Texas

The USA boasts a variety of popular bus tours, offering travelers the opportunity to explore the country’s diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and iconic landmarks. Here are some of the most popular bus tours in the USA:

  1. Gray Line Tours (Various Cities): Gray Line operates in numerous cities across the USA, offering a wide range of guided bus tours. From sightseeing tours of major cities like New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., to day trips to nearby attractions, Gray Line provides convenient and informative experiences for travelers.
  2. Grand Canyon Tours (Arizona): Explore one of the USA’s most breathtaking natural wonders on a guided bus tour of the Grand Canyon. Tours typically depart from nearby cities like Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Flagstaff and include stops at scenic viewpoints, visitor centers, and optional activities like helicopter rides or rafting excursions.
  3. Yellowstone National Park Tours (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho): Discover the wonders of America’s first national park on a guided bus tour of Yellowstone. Tours often include visits to iconic landmarks such as Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring, and Yellowstone Lake, as well as opportunities for wildlife viewing and hiking.
  4. Niagara Falls Tours (New York, Ontario): Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Niagara Falls on a guided bus tour from cities like New York City, Toronto, or Buffalo. Tours typically include visits to both the American and Canadian sides of the falls, as well as optional boat cruises or attractions like the Skylon Tower.
  5. Hollywood Tours (Los Angeles, California): Explore the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown on a guided bus tour of Hollywood and the surrounding areas. Tours often include visits to famous landmarks like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, TCL Chinese Theatre, and Beverly Hills, as well as opportunities to see celebrity homes and filming locations.
  6. Alaska Wildlife and Glacier Tours (Alaska): Journey through the rugged wilderness of Alaska on a guided bus tour showcasing the state’s incredible wildlife and stunning glaciers. Tours often include visits to national parks like Denali, Kenai Fjords, and Glacier Bay, as well as opportunities for wildlife spotting, glacier cruises, and scenic train rides.
  7. New England Fall Foliage Tours (Northeastern USA): Experience the beauty of autumn in New England on a guided bus tour through the region’s colorful foliage. Tours typically explore picturesque towns and landscapes in states like Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, offering opportunities for leaf-peeping, visits to apple orchards, and scenic drives along rural roads.
  8. Antebellum Plantation Tours (Southern USA): Explore the history and culture of the American South on a guided bus tour of antebellum plantations. Tours often include visits to restored mansions, gardens, and slave quarters, providing insights into the region’s complex past.

These are just a few examples of the most popular bus tours in the USA, catering to a variety of interests and preferences. Whether you’re interested in natural wonders, cultural heritage, or urban exploration, there’s a bus tour in the USA to suit your needs.