Kilkenny Double Decker

Kilkenny Hop On Hop OffVisit the glorious Kilkenny in Ireland where you can explore castles, caves and cloisters like nowhere else in Europe. This tour will take you through all of Kilkenny’s wonderful sights and sounds through a deluxe coach that would take you throughout the entire city. The tour will take you to the whimsical south-eastern region of Ireland, an area that has enough history to rival the magnificent beauty that surrounds the region.

You will be able to visit the historical Kilkenny Castle, alone with the renown Dunmore Caves along with the Spartan dwellings in the region of Glendalough, which would give you a unique insight into the plentitude of Irish folklore that surrounds the settlement, as you would be provided with an experienced guide that will fill you in about the history and culture of your surroundings.

Your tour will take you to the Kilkenny castle after you depart from central Dublin. The castle was constructed in the 12th Century, using splendid Anglo-Norman architecture, set atop the riverbank of the River Nore. You will be given the opportunity to discover Kilkenny Castle’s beauty first hand, as you stroll through the gardens, and then to the restaurants into the nearby city, where for a small extra fee, you can have your lunch for the day. After lunch, you can leisurely walk around Kilkenny’s charming cobbled streets, making you feel like a native as you walk these paths.

Kilkenny contains a multitude of cathedrals and monasteries, along with the characteristic houses of Tudor. Walking the streets of Kilkenny, you can truly seep in the medieval history so evident in the surroundings, before you leave the city to visit the famous St Francis Abbey Brewery, which has been functional since the 12th Century, and is still producing many fine types of ale that Ireland is famous for.

The day tour will take you to the town of Ballyfoyle, which is where the Dunmore Caves are situated. These are Ireland’s largest caves, host to a series of giant limestone chambers, which you can explore with the aid of a spelunking guide. You can marvel at the huge icicle-esque stalactites that suspend from the ceilings of the cave, and hear the tale of the terrible Viking massacre that the Dunmore Caves had housed in 928AD.

The final two stops of your day tour include the Wicklow Gap mountain pass, which leads to the beautiful Wicklow Mountains National Park, which is an excellent place for photography. The tour ends at the valley of Glenalough, full of glaciers, famous for its lakes and hermit settlements.

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