APT Australia

APT Australia offers the best travel options when it comes to touring the vast landscapes and cityscapes that make up the country’s vibrant tourism sector.

The key benefits of hiring APT’s services include:

  • Experienced travel guides offering the best services.
  • The choice between group and tailored tours.
  • The Trip Finder, a handy tool that allows you to scout for destinations based on your itinerary.

APT Australia is based in Victoria, and operates a wide array of tours to destinations across Australia. Looking at the company’s steady growth in its close to a decade of operation, one cannot help but marvel at the inspiring track record.

The family-owned tour firm was founded in the 1920s when one of its founding fathers, Bill McGeary developed a bus from a truck following a paralyzed transport system. Geoff, Bill’s son kept his father’s legacy by developing a tour company that aimed to infuse innovation, creativity and originality in the industry. Many years later, the company is testament to the resilience of three generations in maintaining quality in the travel industry.

Groups and tailored touring suited for the most memorable experiences

APT takes great pride in offering unparalleled services for travellers who are passionate about discovering hidden gems. What’s more, the company provides the option for unique group travels to meet specific needs and preferences.

Part of the reason for this is that there is a dedicated department that solely handles group travel, while making sure that all travel variables cohere for the most memorable trip. To enjoy the benefits of group travel, do get in touch with the Group Department at APT using the online portal on the official website.

APT Destinations

  • River Cruise
  • Land Journey
  • Rail Journey
  • Small Ship Cruise
  • Ocean Cruise
  • Remote Journey
  • Luxury Yacht Cruise
  • Private Jet Air Tours
  • Private Air Tours

Use their Trip Finder to locate interesting destinations

Trip Finder is a handy tool that APT Australia has made available for travellers to ease the process of choosing the right destination. This tool features four different categories to make the search easier: Destinations, date of departure, duration of your holiday and tour styles.

Under destinations, there are many different places to visit, including the native country, Australia, Asia, USA, Africa and Middle East. Under the aforementioned destinations, you can find a number of countries in which you can plan your vacation. So, whether you would like to take a safari in the beautiful Masai Mara in Kenya, or would like to take a walk back in time strolling through Cambodia’s rundown houses or even get a panoramic view of New York City, you are literally spoilt for choice.

The date of departure is largely dependent on what is flexible for you, and the same is applicable for the duration of your holiday. The travel styles revolve on the choice destinations. For this reason, you get to choose from rail tours to guided trips, air tours and botanical tours for nature lovers.

If you are looking forward to traveling the world with vigor and enthusiasm, you know you can never go wrong with the APT Australia experience.