With such an interesting name, it is no surprise that nakedbus has continually endeared travellers looking to spend some quality time in New Zealand. It’s the only low cost long distance bus network in New Zealand.

Some of the key benefits of nakedbus include:

  • Amazing fare offers beginning just $1 (plus booking fee).
  • Travel network across more than 300 destinations in New Zealand.
  • The availability of all-inclusive nakedHoliday packages.

New Zealand is undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth. Think majestic mountainscapes, placid lakes, roaring rivers, striking plateaus and verdant jungles, not forgetting the pristine beaches that dot the heavenly coastline. Who would not want to enjoy all these features, and more importantly, enjoy this stress-free? This is where NakedBus comes in handy.

Enjoy affordable fares across different destinations

If you are travelling on a budget you will certainly enjoy the perks of this effective travel outfit. The company is best known for its affordable long distance bus travel solutions across many destinations in the country. You will be thrilled to learn that fares start from as low as $1 (this is inclusive of booking fee)!

Nakedbus offers daily bus services to more than 300 cities scattered across New Zealand. What this means is that it is possible to go sightseeing in Auckland, enjoy a dolphin safari or get adrenaline groove on with a jet boat tour at an amazing 85km/h using services from a single travel company. With cheap fares available for you, all you have to do to enjoy these services is book early.

The earlier you plan for your tour, the better the rates are. Typically, seats are sold as early as 6 months in advance, so you may want to plan ahead. Away from the daily bus services, you can also enjoy holiday packages to allow you experience more of New Zealand.

Grab the nakedHoliday offers during your stay in New Zealand

Some of the packages available at Nakedbus include a cultural espionage at Rotorua, an idyllic escape to the Bay of Islands as well as a romantic holiday spent in the South Island. The combination of cheap holidays, affordable rates and the choice to book online makes nakedHolidays an alluring option for anyone who needs to relax in style.

To book a holiday of your choice with Nakedbus, look out for any of the all-inclusive packages and select your preferred destination. Transport, central accommodation and day tours are offered with the package. These packages start from $51.49 (plus booking fee), so there is absolutely no reason for you to avoid taking a well-deserved break in New Zealand.

Nakedbus is not solely focused on bus transport services; you can also be in the loop about activities happening at the time of your visit. Whether you are drawn to a cultural awareness, or prefer sightseeing, the range of nakedActivities you can enjoy makes for an enjoyable vacation altogether. Visitors also have the option of taking cruises and enjoying the picturesque views, or simply taking on unique adventures to embrace all that New Zealand has to offer.

However you would like to enjoy your time in New Zealand, NakedBus has you covered with a wide range of services tailor-made to suit your travel preferences. This affords you peace of mind as you travel from one destination to another, often in the company of other amazing travellers. Try out nakedBus for the ultimate travel experience!