Fiji Experience

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Fiji is a perfect adventure for travellers who want to experience real culture and get off the tourist trails and see the real Fiji.

The Feejee Experience is more than just sun, sand and cocktails. You get the choice in the best budget resorts that include loads of free activities in your accommodation price plus you are guaranteed your first night’s availability at every overnight stop.

You can choose from hotel or dorm accommodation to go with your Feejee Experience pass so add them when you book your tour.

Fiji Tour Passes
Hula Loop (Minimum Travel time 4 days)
Lei Low (Minimum Travel time 6 days)
Tribal Loop (Minimum Travel time 16 days)
Mangos and Mantarays (Minimum Travel time 8 days)

New Zealand & Fiji Combination Tour Passes
Kava Haka (Minimum Travel time 22 days)
Rocokoko (Minimum Travel time 19 days)
Bula Bro (Minimum Travel time 26 days)
Two Tribes (Minimum Travel time 31 days)