Discover Australia

Discover Australia is a premier holiday provider giving travellers the best options as far as enjoying the countries amazing attractions is concerned.

Some of the key benefits of using Discover Australia include:

  • A wide range of affordable holiday packages.
  • Online booking with personalized options such as tour destination, flight, route and accommodation.
  • Different types of tours with matching transport options

Discover Australia is the hallmark of holiday packages in Australia, and for good reason. As a strong supplier with many years’ experience in the market, the travel outfit has become the choice option for travellers looking to soak in the charm of the ‘Land down under’.

Perks of using Discover Australia

The one thing that stands out about this company is the ‘hand-made’ holidays that allow travellers to break from the norms of standard travel and get the highest quality of services. Part of the reason for this is the world-acclaimed online marketing and booking system that allows just about any combination of variables.

These variables range from choice of vehicle, tour packages, destination and accommodation options. These variables are, remarkably, possible in the same travel itinerary catered for by a single payment. This hassle free system is one of the reasons why Discover Australia is the go-to company for all your travel needs. Note that for booking purposes, full payment must be provided. This is facilitated for by the Instant Purchase system that retains your sealed travel deals.

Fun tours and destinations

Discover Australia has made it its mission to offer the most exciting experience in Australia. This has been made possible by the different day and extended tours available for you. You have the choice of exhilarating adventure tours, guided tours, boat trips and dinner tours. For those looking for a more romantic intimate holiday option, the scenic cruises are the way to go.

Nature lovers will enjoy the nature tours, eco tours deep in the reef and a host of tours where one can play with the whales and dolphins. Depending on the type of tour, travellers will also choose from an array of transport options. Enjoy the opulence of the luxury coach, or take on the Australian wild with the converted heavy duty 4WD trucks.

For those who would like to enjoy a self-guided tour, the 4X4 vehicles make for an excellent choice. Families and those travelling in groups have not been left behind as there is the option of the camper van. Luxury cruises and planes are available for cruise and flight tours respectively, offering unique ways to enjoy Australia’s diversity.

The choice of any one particular tour is really up to a traveller. The option of combining tours makes for an excellent number of choices, so whether you would like single local day tours, extended tours or special offers for select events, go with Discover Australia and make memories as you trot Australia. There is no better way to enjoy all the attractions in this region, in line with your budget, itinerary and travel goals.