Seattle Double Decker

Seattle is the largest city in Northwest America, and has been immensely valuable to American history, in many different ways. Seattle has a diverse culture, and is home to many creative minds of the day. The Hop On and Off double-decker bus tour lets you enjoy a detailed tour of downtown Seattle, taking you through Seattle’s finest locations, aided with informative commentary and helping you relive Seattle’s interesting past.

Seattle is also known as the Emerald City because of the lush green forests that surround the city. Your Hop On and Off tour gives you the option to upgrade you tour from the basic sights to include the three amazing combos listed below which will take you to Seattle’s most iconic attractions, which are:

  • Space Needle Combo: The Space Needle in the Seattle skyline distinguishes it from other cities. You can get the best views of the city from the observatory of the Space Needle, situated five hundred and twenty feet above the ground, from where you can check out Puget Sound, Mt Rainier, Olympic Mountain ranges and Cascade.
  • Harbor Cruise Combo: You can add a picturesque Harbor cruise to your Seattle tour, as you can go on a narrated journey cruising across Elliot bay and the Seattle Harbor, taking in the breathtaking Seattle skyline and mountain ranges.
  • Locks Cruise Combo: Even for people who are not that interested in ships, the Locks Cruise tour is fascinating enough, as it explains the complicated workings of how the Seattle Locks system works, along with how it carries out its original purpose of existence, which is to transport coal and timber from Lake Washington from its eastern shores.

Some of the other highlights on the tour include the following locations:

  • Seattle Center: The Seattle center is a prime center for arts, entertainment and recreation in the city. It is the place that hosts Experience Music Project and the Science fiction museum along with historical landmarks such as the Kobe Bell.
  • Pioneer Square: Home of the firefighter’s memorial, this square is in the southwest corner of Downtown Seattle, which was once known as the heart of the city. The earliest structures of the Pioneer Square were all wooden, which burnt down in the Great Seattle fire in 1889, which have now been replaced by stone buildings, constructed in the style of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture of the late 19th century.