Ipswich Double Decker

Visit the charming town in Suffolk, Ipswich which is the personification of a quaint medieval dwelling in the midst of bustling, cosmopolitan England. Once a prosperous port used for trade in the Middle Ages, Ipswich has retained its old world allure and feel, and is shaped in the perfect image of a picturesque bedroom town.

Take a double-decker bus and rumble through the town, gazing at the town’s many churches constructed with beautiful architecture, which are financed by Ipswich’s thriving wool industry, as you drive across the Orwell Bridge, which proudly bears the distinction of being amongst one of the longest concrete structures in the world.

The best part about touring Ipswich on a bus is that you can travel above the basic crowd level, and view the magical sights and sounds aided by recorded commentary by skilled guides who tell you everything you need to know about your surroundings and the places you are visiting.

You can Hop On and Hop off at any of the numerous stops that are on the itinerary of your tour which you can explore at your leisure, as a bus leaves at a designated time from every destination to make sure that you make the most out of your visit and your tour of Ipswich.

Some of the major attractions of the tour include:

  • The Tower Ramparts: A classic shopping destination, you can stroll through the large variety of shops in the area, purchasing things that are unique to the town as well as any miscellaneous items that catch your fancy.
  • The Town House Galleries: The Town House Galleries are host to several programmes of contemporary and visual arts, along with beautiful designer crafts. The Galleries also holds exhibits and activities which are related to community heritage and local history for academics to enjoy.
  • Ipswich Transport Museum: The Ipswich transport Museum has the highest collection of artefacts related to transport in Britain which are completely dedicated to a single town.
  • Christchurch Mansion: A haven for antiquing enthusiasts, you can visit the large, red brick Tudor manor for large art collections by famous Ipswich artists along with impressive displays of Victorian craftsmanship through old children toys and dolls houses.
  • The Waterfront: The Waterfront is a place that shows that there is more to Ipswich than old buildings and art. Offering amazing boat cruises and barges on the Ipswich Docks, the Waterfront offers you an array of Waterfront bars, cafes and shops, which also host exciting events and festivals at different times of the year.