APT is a renowned travel outfit famed for its excellent services in the travel industry. As a global group, the firm has different arms worldwide.

The presence of this global footprint offers key advantages for travellers, including:

  • Global vision that brings travellers from all over the world.
  • All inclusive holiday packages which mean you can plan ahead of your trip.
  • Destinations across the world.

The group traces its humble beginnings to the 1920’s following the innovation and ingenuity of one Bill McGreary. The family owned enterprise has since grown in leaps and bounds, offering flexible options for anyone with a passion to see the world as they desire.

APT’s global vision is the reason why you should partner with this meticulous travel firm

The APT Group of Companies has, in recent years, taken a global outlook in order to accelerate growth on the international platform. This has indeed created more opportunities for the company to offer a wide range of international tours and cruise adventures, undoubtedly a pioneer in its own right.

To do this effectively, the company will partner with rising companies in the industry in order to offer value for money. This will see an expansion to cater or regions such as Asia, America, Europe and the Scandinavian region.

Some of the perks of travelling with the APT Group

Regardless of your choice destination or holiday package, you can be sure that all of the prices indicated are 100% inclusive, and are guaranteed. This is imperative when traveling to global destinations because it not only gives you a chance to budget in advance, it also offers peace of mind.

The other reason why you should use APT is the diversity of cultures during your tours. There is absolutely no better way of taking on such a tour and interacting with the locals because it gives a first-hand opportunity to appreciate and respect the different cultures globally. The award winning company is sure to let you enjoy your holidays in style.

Discover APT’s stunning destinations when you use the Trip Finder tool on the website. Whether you would like to walk on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in USA, or would like to discover the verve and vibrancy of Brazil, or simply walk through the famed pyramids of Giza in Egypt, there is no shortage of places to visit when you plan your trip with APT.

Plan to visit Europe where you can enjoy the stunning rivers that dot the country’s landscape, making sure to visit the ancient castles. In New Zealand, you will be welcomed by the zealous locals, probably the friendliest people on the face of the earth. Wind down your adventure in the world by visiting the magnificent fjords in the Scandinavian countries, with a detour to the popular St Petersburg in Russia.

Other destinations include countries in Africa where you can enjoy safari in the rugged wild, the paradise that the South Pacific is as well as journeying through Australia or Antarctica. Whatever your choice, APT Global is the perfect partner.