Kilkenny bus tours

Kilkenny, located in the southeast of Ireland, is a charming city known for its medieval architecture, historic sites, and cultural attractions. There are various bus tours and excursions that allow you to explore Kilkenny and its surroundings. Here are some options:

  1. City Sightseeing Tours:
    • Join a guided bus tour that takes you through Kilkenny’s major attractions, including Kilkenny Castle, St. Canice’s Cathedral, and the medieval streets of the city. Learn about the city’s history, architecture, and cultural highlights.
  2. Kilkenny Castle and Gardens Tour:
    • Explore Kilkenny Castle and its beautiful gardens with a bus tour that includes a guided tour of this iconic medieval castle. Learn about its history, architecture, and the Butler family who once resided there.
  3. Smithwick’s Experience Kilkenny:
    • Visit the Smithwick’s Experience for a guided tour of the historic Smithwick’s Brewery. Learn about the brewing process, the history of Smithwick’s beer, and enjoy tastings.
  4. Kilkenny Medieval Mile Tour:
    • Take a bus tour along the Medieval Mile, a historic trail that includes landmarks like St. Mary’s Cathedral, Rothe House, and the Black Abbey. Explore the medieval charm and architectural heritage of the city.
  5. Dunmore Caves and Castlecomer Discovery Park Tours:
    • Join a bus tour to Dunmore Caves, a limestone cave system with historical significance. Additionally, explore Castlecomer Discovery Park, known for its adventure activities and scenic surroundings.
  6. Jerpoint Abbey and Thomastown Tours:
    • Explore the medieval ruins of Jerpoint Abbey with a bus tour that takes you to this historical site. Visit the picturesque town of Thomastown and discover its cultural attractions.
  7. Woodstock Gardens and Inistioge Village Tour:
    • Visit Woodstock Gardens, known for its stunning gardens and arboretum, with a bus tour that includes a stop in the nearby village of Inistioge. Enjoy the scenic beauty of this rural area.
  8. Nicholas Mosse Pottery and Craft Tour:
    • Experience the world of Irish pottery at Nicholas Mosse Pottery with a bus tour that includes a visit to the pottery studio. Learn about the craft, watch demonstrations, and explore the showroom.

Before booking, check with local tour operators for the availability, schedules, and details of the tours. Kilkenny and its surroundings offer a mix of medieval history, cultural experiences, and natural beauty, making bus tours a convenient way to explore the region.