Windsor Double Decker

The United Kingdom has made the big red double-decker bus one of its representations. Therefore, it is perfect that you tour the amazing city on the very red double-decker that the city has made its own, as you travel through all the wonderful places that Windsor has to offer, there would never be a moment of boredom on your Hop On and Hop Off tour through Windsor.

The best part about touring Windsor on a bus is that you can travel above the basic crowd level, especially during rush hour and get a bird’s eye view the magical sights and sounds aided by informative commentary by expert guides who tells you everything you need to know about your surroundings.

You can explore the dignified serenity that Windsor and Eton have to offer, as Windsor has been the abode for British Monarchy ever since it was established. You can see the world- renowned Windsor Castle which is the largest, and by far the oldest inhabited castle in the entire world. Other interesting stops on the tour include The Long Walk, along with the famed Eton College.

There are a lot of exciting stops on the schedule set for the Hop On and Hop Off tour, some of which are listed below:

  • You can see the famous tradition of Changing of the Guard Parade, which happens every other day with the exception of Sundays. The Parade consists of the soldiers and a marching band which march past Windsor Castle, which you can witness firsthand by hopping off our tour bus.
  • Go to LEGOLAND! LEGOLAND is one of the most fun places to visit in Windsor, where your kids can live out their craziest dreams and let their imagination run free. You can even combine your LEGOLAND ticket with your Windsor sightseeing tour to get a better exploring experience.
  • You can walk through the famed Eton Castle, and visit the amazing Windsor Castle
  • You will get to see the magnificent statue of George III when your Long Walk ends.
  • If you are really lucky you might get to see some of the royal family walking around Windsor

Windsor is an exciting place for people of all ages, so if you are looking to tour a city where every member of your family can find something of their particular interest, Windsor is definitely the place for you. You can also expand your Windsor Hop On and Hop off tour to include a boat trip to the Boveney Lock upstream. You can combine the ticket you get for the river cruise with your Hop On and Hop Off tour and save a lot of money as well.