Mount Hotham

To access Mount Hotham, one of Australia’s premier ski resorts, you can consider taking a ski bus tour like Snowball Express. Ski bus tours provide convenient transportation options for skiers and snowboarders, offering a hassle-free way to reach the mountain without the stress of driving. Here’s how you can find ski bus tours to Mount Hotham:

  1. Tour Operators: Look for tour operators that specialize in ski trips and winter sports adventures. Many tour companies offer ski bus tours to Mount Hotham, providing transportation from major cities or towns to the resort.
  2. Online Booking Platforms: Explore online booking platforms such as Viator, Expedia, or Snowscene, where you can find ski bus tour packages to Mount Hotham. These platforms often feature various options, allowing you to compare prices, schedules, and inclusions before making a reservation.
  3. Travel Agencies: Contact travel agencies that focus on ski vacations or outdoor adventures. They may have partnerships with transportation providers that offer ski bus tours to Mount Hotham as part of comprehensive ski packages.
  4. Resort Shuttle Services: Mount Hotham Resort Management provides shuttle services from nearby towns and cities, such as Harrietville, Bright, and Melbourne, during the ski season. While not traditional bus tours, these shuttle services offer convenient transportation options for visitors without a vehicle.
  5. Local Ski Clubs or Associations: Check with local ski clubs or associations in your area, as they may organize group trips or charter buses to Mount Hotham during the winter season. Joining a group tour can be a fun way to meet fellow skiers or snowboarders and share the experience.

Before booking a ski bus tour to Mount Hotham, make sure to review the tour details, including pickup locations, departure times, and any additional inclusions such as lift tickets or equipment rentals. Consider factors like comfort, safety, and flexibility when selecting a ski bus tour option for your ski trip to Mount Hotham.