Integrity Coachlines

Integrity Coachlines is the premium choice for all your coach travelling needs in the Western part of Australia, effortlessly connecting Broome to Perth.

The key advantages of using Integrity Coachlines include the following:

  • Extensive coverage of different destinations in Western Australia, from Perth to Broome.
  • Online booking available with the option of purchasing passes
  • Timely departures that allow you flexibility in your daily trips.

The Western State is the biggest state in Australia, and this can only mean one thing: that there are exciting destinations to choose from. With so many options, travelers have the choice to settle for a destination that appeals to them. To give you an idea of this, you can enjoy the wildlife at Perth Zoo, go diving at Ningaloo Coast or retreat to quiet exploration at the Pinnacles before retreating to your choice accommodation. The most exciting bit of adventures is that you get to travel with Integrity.

Integrity Coachlines serves some of the most exciting destinations in West Australia

With close to 15 destinations, there is no shortage of places to visit when in this part of Australia. Start your adventures at Perth and enjoy the city’s amazing sights and sounds, before proceeding to Monkey Mia, the home of the bottlenose dolphins. Karijini National Park is a destination that welcomes the adventurous traveller with open hands, thanks to its magnificent caves, stunning gorges and panoramic views.

North of Perth, you can steal away some intimate moments at Jurien Bay, a perfect holiday spot where you can go fishing at the jetty, snorkeling in the marine park, and bushwalking in the national park. If you would like to marvel at the number of man-made attractions that have made Australia a popular holiday spot, then Karratha is the picture-perfect destination.

Other exciting destinations that you can enjoy whilst travelling aboard Integrity Coachlines include the culturally rich coastal getaway that Broome is, Coral Bay in all its glory, Geraldton, the water sport haven and Carnarvon, famed for Gascoyne River.

Timely departures, thanks to a reliable timetable

The timetable provided by Integrity Coachlines is scheduled depending on the general direction of your trip. For those who are northbound, you can take a bus from Perth to the following destinations: Broome (via Karjini or the scenic coastal highway) and Port Hedland.

If you are heading to the south, you could think of this as a reverse of the north-bound tours. This means you get to travel from Broome to Perth, or Port Hedland to Perth. There is a special timetable for those who would like to grab offers up ahead of Christmas. Details in this particular timetable change yearly, so it helps to check out the official timetable for more details.

Integrity Coachlines also offers ticketing solutions suitable for just about every traveller. Make your bookings online, or get in touch with the company using the details on the official website. This is your go-to travel partner if you would like to enjoy Western State’s beauty by road for the most memorable trip of your life with like-minded travellers.