Kiwi Experience

Kiwi Experience LogoThe Kiwi Experience offers you the quintessential way to experience New Zealand by combining stunning scenery and memorable experiences during your visit.

Key benefits of the Kiwi Experience include:

  • 25 years’ experience in the field means Kiwi Experience has a solid track record for quality tours
  • The firm has carved a niche for itself in providing travel solutions for backpackers.
  • Diverse travel destinations across New Zealand to accommodate travellers’ performances.

The Kiwi Experience shows a solid track record in the travel industry

This travel network traces its humble beginnings to more than 25 years ago when it facilitated its first ever backpack tour in October of 1989. The initial team was made up of a trio from Kiwi who figured, after all their travels across the world; there was no better place to enjoy traveling than in their homeland.

This gave way to the first ever trip, and there has been no looking back. Since this first tour, the company has grown in leaps and bounds to enabling a whopping 400,000+ backpackers discover New Zealand’s remarkable attractions.

Enjoy these dreamy destinations with Kiwi Experience

New Zealand is every traveller’s dream destination – think natural attractions, hidden gems and man-made structures that will awe you as much as they inspire. The choice of Kiwi Experiences is the perfect way to enjoy this mash up of fun places to visit. Whether you would like to conquer your claustrophobia at the Waitomo Caves, or would prefer to enjoy outdoor activities at the River Valley, you can always partner with Kiwi’s most eclectic tour company.

Alternatively, visit the Northland region and tour the bay of islands together with our trained travel guides. This is the befitting location to indulge in sailing for a serene holiday, or fishing for an exciting wet and wild adventure. Those visiting during summer undoubtedly have the most fun in this natural playground. The bay of islands is a perfect blend of sun, surf, sand and sea.

The typical Kiwi adventure also offers you a chance to interact with the locals. Get local activities to immerse yourself in the culture as well as get accommodation options. To enjoy the life that the locals lead, there is no better place to indulge that at Christchurch.

Close to Christchurch is yet another stunning destination: Tekapo. This is a three-hour drive away, and is perfect for both locals and foreigners looking forward to get stunning views of some of New Zealand’s top destinations. Other destinations that Kiwi Experience brings alive for you include adventures in the Deep South, the tranquil sea-side town of Kaiteriteri as well as the breathtaking wonderland that Kaikoura is by bus.

It is impossible to talk about all these adventures that the firm facilitates without making mention of the Magic Bus. The characteristic green bus is what makes your travels around New Zealand both fun and practical. You could also choose to make your plans seamless with the use of bus passes that are available once you finalize your itinerary.

Kiwi Experiences is all about unearthing New Zealand’s beauty while allowing you to travel without splurging on costly vacations. The most important thing, however, is that you get value for your money. This is the Kiwi guarantee for you; products designed by travellers for travellers. Whether you are an outdoor adventurer, or prefer to sunbathe and soak up the sun we have products that will cater to you in every imaginable way.

New Zealand Start Anywhere Bus Tours
Funky Chicken (Minimum Travel time 20 days)
Rangi (Minimum Travel time 22 days)
Whole Kit & Caboodle (Minimum Travel time 26 days)
The Full Monty (Minimum Travel time 32 days)

Kiwi Tours starting in Auckland
Sheepdog (Minimum Travel time 16 days)
Zephyr (Minimum Travel time 18 days)
Joint Mullets (Minimum Travel time 20 days)
Kitchen Sink (Minimum Travel time 22 days)

Kiwi Tours starting in Christchurch
Dog Leg (Minimum Travel time 13 days)
TranzAlpine Dog Leg (Minimum Travel time 12 days)
Gumboot (Minimum Travel time 15 days)
Top Dog (Minimum Travel time 19 days)
Kea (Minimum Travel time 15 days)

Kiwi Bus Tours on North Island
Awesome (Minimum Travel time 2 days)
Awesome + Top Bit (Minimum Travel time 3 days)
Geyserland & Lake (Minimum Travel time 6 days)
Northern Round Up (Minimum Travel time 9 days)
East As (Minimum Travel time 4 days)
Waitomo Wanderer (Minimum Travel time 1 days)
Raglan Wave Runner (Minimum Travel time 2 days)
Caves & Waves (Minimum Travel time 3 days)
Geyserland (Minimum Travel time 3 days)

Kiwi Bus Tours on South Island
Milford Explorer (Minimum Travel time 1 days)
Southlander – Bottom Bus (Minimum Travel time 3 days)
Back Paddock (Minimum Travel time 8 days)
TranzAlpine Back Paddock (Minimum Travel time 7 days)
Southern Round Up (Minimum Travel time 10 days)
Bottoms Up (Minimum Travel time 13 days)

New Zealand & Fiji Combination Tour Passes
Kava Haka (Minimum Travel time 22 days)
Rocokoko (Minimum Travel time 19 days)
Bula Bro (Minimum Travel time 26 days)
Two Tribes (Minimum Travel time 31 days)