Historical Bus Trips are amazing activities that are full of excitement and amazing experiences for tourists. But these tours are not only limited to sightseeing tours of different locations or shopping tours. Sometimes, these bus tours can also be very helpful to promote the cultural heritage and also the history of a country. Historical bus trips are one of those experiences that connect you with the past by showing you old buildings, architect and historical places.

Why choose to spend an hour of your time with Discovery Tours, the answer is easy, because we promise that you will be entertained in a unique and exciting way. You will experience a tour that you have never experienced before and not want to forget for a long time to come.

Every country in this world has such amazingly beautiful and historical places that depict the past time of that country, causing many people attract towards it. However few countries, due to their history, have earned the reverence among the rest of world. Countries such as the United States are full of historical places due to which many people interested in historical facts and events visit these countries.

16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama
16th Street Baptist ChurchFor example, the Historical bus trips take different groups of the tourists to have a tour of the historic 16th Street Baptist Church. Reason being that the congregation has roots in its location dating back to the 1880s, a reasonably old place to have a true experience visiting historical places. The current building of this church was completed in 1911. It is a stunning piece of architecture on the outside and inside that astonishes the visitors and makes them much more interested in the history because of the intricacy of these historical landmarks. The 1963 bombing of the church, shortly after the resolution of the Birmingham campaign, caused injury of 22, and death of 4 girls. Sometimes the guides also provide the tourists with the videos that allow the tourists to hear the perspectives of members who were there on that fateful day.

Just like the United States, every country arranges these tours for the people who are interested in visiting these places. Australia, China, Greece, Rome, Germany, London, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, India, Africa, France and every country has such programs arranged and ready for people who are interested in visiting historical places. These historical bus trips cover general history, politics, industry and inventions of the country you are visiting and cover items not always included in travel books.

Typical Historical Tour Costs
A typical one hour historical bus trip can cost you about 150 dollars with the increment of 25 dollars for each extra hour that you want to spend on the trip. These prices of tickets are not fixed. There are different offers and discounts available for tourists from the bus tour companies. You just have to find the right bus company that gives the package that suits your requirement and fits in your budget perfectly. There are other certain packages including family packages in which you only need to pay a certain amount of money to purchase the tickets for your whole family. In short, there are plenty of options available for you if you are interested in historical bus trips.