AAT Kings

AAT Kings is your-go to travel company if you want to travel and see the best of Australia and New Zealand with unparalleled flexibility, freedom and fun.

Some of the key benefits of travelling with AAT Kings include:

  • A wide variety of destinations across Australia.
  • Choice of tour styles depending on ones preference.
  • Value for money with the quality offers.

Founded more than a century ago, the travel company has garnered experience that has made it a pioneer in the travel industry down south. The multi-award winning firm has also partnered with Tour Operator Associations to offer excellent travel solutions for those whose wanderlust cannot be restrained. Add to this the many destinations and it is easy to see why AAT Kings reigns as far as travel products and solutions are concerned.

Top Destinations when you travel with AAT Kings

Australia and New Zealand are two of the most beautiful countries worldwide, and with the numerous attractions, both natural and man-made, it is easy to see why this region should be in your bucket list. AAT has categorized its destinations into three distinct groups namely icons, cities and gateways as well as broader regions.

This categorization of these destinations is important because it helps you define the core of your adventures. Whether you want to go sightseeing, or are better placed exploring the wild of the regions, AAT offers you a glimpse of what to expect in your adventures.

Icons are the must-see attractions in the Land Down Under. Think about the Gold Coast, Port Arthur, the Cradle Mountain, Phillip and Flinders Island, and do not pass the opportunity to travel the Great Ocean Road. Whether the choice destinations are scenic locations, culturally diverse places or important monuments that tell of the countrys history, this is an amazing adventure for you to take on.

If you are more tuned in to the frills of modern living, you can be sure to enjoy the Cities and Gateways tour that covers the most important cityscapes. Interestingly, most of these cities also double up as gateways to travellers arriving and departing.

Take time to visit the bustling Brisbane, gorgeous Gold Coast and stunning Sydney. Marvelous Melbourne awaits your adventure as does Perths beauty. Other cities include Canberra, Adelaide and Cairns.

AAT Kings regional tours cover the different and remarkably invigorating regions that dot Australia. From the North to the South, and the East to the West, and everything in between, you can find fun things to do.

Choice of tour styles with AAT Kings

Different travellers have different expectations, which is what makes it important to choose a tour style that is befitting. AAT Kings offers the choice of any of the following: premium tours that offer the highest quality of travelling, and filled with unique memories, best buys that offer value for money and guided tours.

The latter are perfect for those who do not want to deal with the hustle of traveling. Look out for the offers available on the official website. Whatever the choice of tour, AAT Kings has you covered.