Busabout offers a unique travel style for those who love the adventure of destinations unknown, and fuelled by the best of the free spirit.

When you choose Busabout, some of the unique benefits you are bound to enjoy include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Destinations scattered across four continents.
  • Discounted offers available.
  • Free-spirited like-minded travellers for companionship.

Founded in 1998, Busabout is not your typical travel company. Right from the onset, the company thrived in creating a reliable network of cities and tourist attractions in Europe, targeted at the free spirited traveller. This alternative way of travelling has gained popularity in the recent past, particularly after the growth of the hop-on hop off coach touring.

At the core of Busabout is the need to make each trip memorable. If you want to settle for a guided tour, or opt for an explorative tour, one thing you can be sure of is the fact that these innovative adventures will remain etched in your mind forever.

Destinations where you can enjoy Busabout

There are multiple destinations where you can enjoy hop-off hop-on travel, whether you would like to catch up with all the fun action at the different festivals, adventure in the wild or simply unwinding in any of the serene locations.

Start off in Europe where you can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine in Spain on one day, and indulge in pizza a few days later on the beautiful Italian beaches. Make time to attend the historic St. Patrick’s festival held every March in Dublin, Ireland. Enjoy your favorite frothy at the famous Oktoberfest, or expend your energy at one of Spain’s largest food events, La Tomatina in Bunol.

Take the adventure to Asia where you can choose from any of the following destinations: colorful Cambodia, vibrant Vietnam, and the stunning islands in Thailand. Myanmar, sometimes referred to as Burma, is also a Busabout destination in Asia.

Asia is a sensual destination that tugs at the heart of every free spirited traveller. Ranging from the pristine beaches to the mythical tales; the imposing temples to the tantalizing aroma that wafts through the air as you sample the street food. Asia’s adventures are suited for just about every budget and preferences. Do not forget to enjoy the services of the expert Busabout guides who effortlessly help you make the best of your trips.

North Africa awaits you with its unique cultural influences, marvelous landscapes, camel rides and minty tea. There are guided tours to ensure that you get the most of what the cities have to offer. All types of accommodation are available, ranging from the most luxurious hotels to the modest camping tents pitched in the desert sand. Whether you want to enjoy sheesha in Marrakech, or traverse the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, North Africa is the place to go with Busabout.

Great offers from Busabout
Busabout offers discounted rates for travel plans in the aforementioned destinations, provided you make bookings in advance, well ahead of the indicated dates of departure. The offers are specific to particular destinations, so double-check to ascertain whether your travel plans align with any of these offers.

For second-time travellers, past passenger discounts offer you a practical way to make savings. With all these perks, there is every reason to go with Busabout.