Boston bus tours

In Boston, there are several bus tours offering fantastic ways to explore the city’s rich history, iconic landmarks, and vibrant neighborhoods. Here are some of the best bus tours in Boston:

  1. Boston City Tour: This comprehensive bus tour covers major attractions such as the Freedom Trail, Boston Common, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Beacon Hill, and the USS Constitution. It provides informative commentary in multiple languages, offering insights into Boston’s colonial history and cultural heritage.
  2. Hop-on-hop-off Trolley Tour: Similar to other cities, Boston offers a hop-on-hop-off trolley tour that allows passengers to explore the city at their own pace. The route includes stops at key sights like the Paul Revere House, Fenway Park, Harvard Square, and the North End.
  3. Harbor Cruise Tour: Combine a bus tour with a scenic cruise along Boston Harbor. Enjoy views of the city’s skyline, waterfront landmarks like the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum and the Institute of Contemporary Art, and historic sites like the Charlestown Navy Yard.
  4. Freedom Trail Tour: Explore Boston’s historic sites along the Freedom Trail with a guided bus tour. Highlights include the Massachusetts State House, Old North Church, Bunker Hill Monument, and the Granary Burying Ground.
  5. Cambridge and Harvard Tour: Discover neighboring Cambridge and its renowned university with a bus tour that visits Harvard Square, Harvard University, MIT, and other cultural attractions. Learn about the history and academic legacy of these prestigious institutions.
  6. North End Food Tour: Delve into Boston’s culinary scene with a bus tour that explores the historic North End neighborhood, also known as Boston’s “Little Italy.” Sample Italian specialties like cannoli, pizza, and pasta, and learn about the area’s immigrant heritage.
  7. Fenway Park Tour: Baseball fans can enjoy a bus tour of Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. Explore the iconic ballpark, visit the Green Monster, and learn about the team’s storied history and legendary players.
  8. Boston Movie Sites Tour: Discover Boston’s role in Hollywood with a bus tour that visits filming locations from popular movies and TV shows. See sites featured in films like “Good Will Hunting,” “The Departed,” and “The Town,” and learn behind-the-scenes stories.

These bus tours offer diverse experiences catering to different interests, whether it’s history, culture, sports, cuisine, or exploring Boston’s scenic waterfront. They provide convenient and informative ways to discover the dynamic city of Boston.

Several TV shows have been filmed in Boston over the years, taking advantage of the city’s rich history, distinctive neighborhoods, and iconic landmarks. Here are some notable TV shows that were filmed in Boston:

  1. Cheers: One of the most iconic TV shows set in Boston, Cheers was filmed on a Hollywood soundstage but was inspired by the Bull & Finch Pub, a historic bar located in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. The show revolves around the staff and regulars of a fictional bar called Cheers, where “everybody knows your name.”
  2. Boston Legal: This legal drama series, created by David E. Kelley, was primarily filmed in Los Angeles but featured exterior shots of various Boston locations to set the scene. The show follows the attorneys of the fictional law firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt as they navigate the complexities of the legal system.
  3. Boston Public: Created by David E. Kelley, Boston Public was a drama series set in a fictional public high school in Boston. While the show was primarily filmed in Los Angeles, it featured exterior shots of Boston landmarks to establish its setting.
  4. Ally McBeal: Another David E. Kelley creation, Ally McBeal was a legal comedy-drama series that used exterior shots of Boston to represent the show’s setting. The series follows the personal and professional lives of the attorneys at the fictional law firm Cage & Fish.
  5. Spenser: For Hire: Based on the Spenser novels by Robert B. Parker, this detective drama series was set and filmed in Boston. The show starred Robert Urich as Spenser, a private investigator who solves crimes while navigating the streets of Boston.
  6. St. Elsewhere: This medical drama series, set at the fictional St. Eligius Hospital in Boston, was filmed primarily in Los Angeles but used exterior shots of Boston to establish its setting. The show aired from 1982 to 1988 and was known for its ensemble cast and innovative storytelling.

These are just a few examples of TV shows that have been filmed in Boston or used the city as a backdrop for their stories. Boston’s historic streets, picturesque neighborhoods, and iconic landmarks have provided a rich and dynamic setting for a wide range of television productions over the years.

Boston is home to a rich cultural scene, with numerous art hot spots where visitors can explore a wide range of artistic expressions. Here are some of the top art destinations in Boston:

  1. Museum of Fine Arts (MFA): The Museum of Fine Arts is one of the largest and most comprehensive art museums in the United States. Located in the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood, the MFA’s vast collection spans thousands of years and includes works from ancient civilizations to contemporary art. Highlights include masterpieces by artists such as Rembrandt, Monet, and Van Gogh, as well as renowned American painters like John Singer Sargent and Winslow Homer.
  2. Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA): The Institute of Contemporary Art is dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge contemporary art in all its forms. Located on Boston’s waterfront in the Seaport District, the ICA features rotating exhibitions of contemporary painting, sculpture, photography, video, and performance art. The museum also offers stunning views of Boston Harbor and hosts public programs, artist talks, and special events.
  3. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a unique cultural institution housed in a Venetian-style palazzo in the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood. The museum’s collection includes European, Asian, and American art, as well as decorative arts and artifacts collected by Isabella Stewart Gardner herself. Visitors can explore the museum’s historic galleries, lush courtyard garden, and iconic atrium filled with flowers and sculptures.
  4. Harvard Art Museums: The Harvard Art Museums comprise three museums—the Fogg Museum, the Busch-Reisinger Museum, and the Arthur M. Sackler Museum—located on Harvard University’s campus in Cambridge. Together, they house a vast collection of art spanning thousands of years and representing cultures from around the world. Highlights include European masterpieces, Asian art, ancient artifacts, and contemporary works.
  5. Boston Public Library’s McKim Building: The Boston Public Library’s McKim Building, located in Copley Square, features stunning architectural details and murals by renowned artists such as John Singer Sargent and Edwin Austin Abbey. Visitors can explore the library’s grand spaces, including Bates Hall with its soaring ceilings and majestic columns, as well as special exhibitions and events.
  6. SoWa Art + Design District: The SoWa Art + Design District, located in Boston’s South End, is home to a vibrant community of artists, galleries, and studios. Visitors can explore the district’s numerous galleries and artist studios, attend monthly First Friday events, and shop for unique art, jewelry, and home decor at the SoWa Open Market.

These are just a few of the top art hot spots in Boston, each offering its own unique collection and cultural experience. Whether you’re interested in classical masterpieces, contemporary art, or local talent, Boston’s art scene has something for everyone to enjoy.

Boston’s food truck scene offers a delicious array of culinary delights, with options ranging from classic comfort food to international cuisine. Here are some of the best food trucks in Boston:

  1. Bon Me: Bon Me is a popular food truck serving Vietnamese-inspired dishes with a modern twist. Their menu features items like banh mi sandwiches, rice and noodle bowls, and fresh salads, all made with high-quality ingredients and bold flavors. Bon Me also offers vegetarian and vegan options, making it a favorite among health-conscious foodies.
  2. Roxy’s Grilled Cheese: Roxy’s Grilled Cheese is known for its gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and creative comfort food offerings. Their menu features a variety of grilled cheese creations, including classics like the “Mighty Rib Melt” with BBQ braised short ribs and cheddar cheese, as well as inventive options like the “Green Muenster” with avocado and pesto.
  3. The Chicken & Rice Guys: The Chicken & Rice Guys is a beloved food truck specializing in Middle Eastern street food. Their signature dish is a hearty combination of tender grilled chicken or lamb served over fragrant rice, topped with a tangy white sauce and spicy red sauce. They also offer falafel wraps, salads, and loaded fries for a satisfying meal on the go.
  4. The Cookie Monstah: The Cookie Monstah is a sweet treat on wheels, serving up freshly baked cookies and gourmet ice cream sandwiches. Their menu features a variety of cookie flavors, from classic chocolate chip to decadent s’mores, paired with premium ice cream flavors like vanilla bean and mint chip. The Cookie Monstah’s indulgent desserts are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.
  5. Pennypacker’s Food Truck: Pennypacker’s Food Truck offers a taste of New England comfort food with a gourmet twist. Their menu features items like slow-roasted porchetta sandwiches, smoked brisket tacos, and hearty macaroni and cheese, all made with locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. Pennypacker’s also offers seasonal specials and rotating menu items to keep things fresh and exciting.
  6. Staff Meal Food Truck: Staff Meal Food Truck serves up creative and globally inspired dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Their menu changes regularly, but you can expect to find items like Korean BBQ tacos, Caribbean jerk chicken sandwiches, and Mediterranean-inspired grain bowls. Staff Meal Food Truck also offers vegetarian and vegan options for those with dietary restrictions.

These are just a few of the best food trucks in Boston, each offering its own unique flavors and culinary experiences. Whether you’re in the mood for savory sandwiches, sweet treats, or international cuisine, Boston’s food truck scene has something for everyone to enjoy.

Boston is home to a vibrant craft beer scene, with numerous breweries offering a diverse range of styles and flavors. Here are some notable breweries in the Boston area:

  1. Samuel Adams Brewery: Samuel Adams, also known as Boston Beer Company, is one of the most well-known breweries in Boston. Founded in 1984, Samuel Adams played a significant role in the craft beer revolution in the United States. Visitors can take tours of the brewery, learn about the brewing process, and sample a variety of Samuel Adams beers, including their flagship Boston Lager.
  2. Harpoon Brewery: Harpoon Brewery is another pioneering brewery in Boston, known for its wide range of craft beers and lively beer hall. Founded in 1986, Harpoon offers brewery tours where visitors can learn about the brewing process and sample a selection of Harpoon beers, including their popular IPA and seasonal releases. The brewery also hosts events and beer festivals throughout the year.
  3. Trillium Brewing Company: Trillium Brewing Company is a renowned craft brewery with locations in Boston and Canton, Massachusetts. Known for their innovative and flavorful beers, Trillium produces a variety of styles, including IPAs, stouts, and sour ales. The brewery’s taprooms offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere where visitors can enjoy tastings and purchase cans and bottles to go.
  4. Night Shift Brewing: Night Shift Brewing is a craft brewery located in Everett, just outside of Boston. Known for their creative and experimental approach to brewing, Night Shift produces a diverse range of beers, including IPAs, sours, and barrel-aged ales. The brewery’s taproom features a rotating selection of beers on draft, as well as food trucks and live music events.
  5. Mystic Brewery: Mystic Brewery is a small-batch brewery located in Chelsea, Massachusetts, just a short drive from Boston. Specializing in farmhouse-style ales and Belgian-inspired beers, Mystic Brewery produces unique and complex brews using traditional brewing techniques. Visitors can sample a variety of beers in the brewery’s taproom and learn about the art of fermentation.
  6. Dorchester Brewing Company: Dorchester Brewing Company is a community-focused brewery located in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. Known for their approachable and sessionable beers, Dorchester Brewing produces a variety of styles, including lagers, IPAs, and seasonal releases. The brewery’s taproom offers a laid-back atmosphere where visitors can enjoy pints, flights, and brewery tours.

These are just a few of the many breweries in the Boston area, each offering its own unique beer selection, atmosphere, and experience for craft beer enthusiasts to enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned beer aficionado or just looking to explore Boston’s brewing scene, there’s something for everyone to discover in the city’s breweries.