Dubbo Bus Tours

If you’re looking for bus tours in Dubbo, there may be several options to explore the city and its surrounding attractions. Dubbo, located in New South Wales, Australia, is known for attractions like the Taronga Western Plains Zoo and the Old Dubbo Gaol. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Dubbo City Sightseeing Bus Tours:
    • Explore the city of Dubbo with a sightseeing bus tour that covers key landmarks and attractions. This could include visits to local historical sites, parks, and other points of interest.
  2. Taronga Western Plains Zoo Tours:
    • Dubbo is home to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, a popular destination. Consider a bus tour that includes a visit to the zoo, where you can see a wide variety of animals in spacious, open enclosures.
  3. Old Dubbo Gaol Tours:
    • Learn about the history of Dubbo at the Old Dubbo Gaol. Some tours may include a visit to this historical site, providing insights into the region’s past and the functioning of the former jail.
  4. Wineries and Vineyards Tours:
    • If you’re interested in wine, check if there are bus tours that explore the local wineries and vineyards around Dubbo. Some tours may include wine tastings and scenic views of the countryside.
  5. Macquarie River Cruises with Bus Transfers:
    • Explore the Macquarie River with a combination of bus and river cruise tours. This could offer a unique perspective on the natural beauty of the area.

Before booking, check with local tour operators for the availability, schedules, and details of the tours. Consider your interests and the places you’d like to visit to find a tour that aligns with your preferences.