Porto Double Decker

Porto is a city that exists in harmonies and dynamics, unique in every way.  It is a city that is immensely wealthy home to all the great preserved treasures of Portugal, which include monuments constructed through many diverse architectural methods, in various styles famous during multiple influential eras in history. Porto today houses monuments which are made in the Gothic, Baroque, Neo-classical and Romanesque styling and details.

You can use the Panoramic tour of Porto, which would take you around the city which would include the major highlights of sightseeing throughout the city, with places such as the Cathedral, the Real Companhia Velha Port Wine Cellars along with Clerigos, Boavista and Foz.

Porto has a population of 267,000 people which all carry a national responsibility towards the preservation of the city’s historical heirlooms, carefully guarding the heritage of the monuments constructed in their beautiful city from the various eras of influence they were created in. You will get to the walk through the oldest quarter of the Ribeira, experiencing Porto in all its rustic glory.

The highlights of the tour include the following places:

  • Clerigos: The Clerigos Church, translated means the Church of the Clergy. Clerigos is a church constructed in Baroque architecture, having a characteristic looming bell tower, which is called the Torre dos Clerigos. The Torre dos Clerigos can be seen from multiple locations throughout the city and is one of Porto’s distinguishing symbols. The church was constructed for the Brotherhood of the Clerigos during the eighteenth century through a renowned Italian architect Nicolau Nasoni, who was popular in his time.
  • Boavista:  Boavista Futebol Clube is a prominent Portuguese sports club in Porto, which has been around since 1903. It amongst the oldest clubs within Portugal, and currently plays in third division for the country. It hosts several different sports such as the Portuguese favorite- football, along with gymnastics, bicycle racing, futsal and chess. Their team can be recognized through their trademark checkered white and black uniform shirts. The Boavista played thirty nine consecutive seasons in the Premiere League of Portugal, out of fifty. It has currently been modernized to accommodate the modern football teams in the Euro 2004.
  • Foz:  Foz do Douro is a Portuguese Parish within Porto. It is located in the western part of Porto, near the mouth of the River Douro which meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is a posh area in Porto, and is usually inhabited by the upper classes.

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