Scenic Tours

Scenic Tours creates the ultimate tour experience for travellers looking for adventure in the most extraordinary attractions and destinations globally.

Wondering why you should go with Scenic? Here are compelling reasons why:

  • Quality service delivery in destinations worldwide.
  • Tailor made itineraries to allow you enjoy your holiday stress-free.
  • An invigorating cultural espionage regardless of your choice destination.

Scenic believes in making promises and delivering them, which is precisely why this is a traveller’s dream come true. When it comes to quality services, the company offers a rich and exciting itinerary that covers just about all of the must-see attractions in your choice destination. With transparency in its dealings, you are assured that there are no hidden charges, and this includes giving tips.

A wide variety of tours to choose from

Depending on your budget, you can choose to splurge on Scenic’s distinctive Enrich Experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in your choice destination’s pulsing culture while marveling at the remarkable diversity. So whether you would like to dance with Masai morans in Kenya, or walk in the footsteps of Argentina’s most famous first Lady, you are welcome to enjoy these enriched moments.

Alternatively, take on the Scenic Freechoice option that gives you a say in planning your itinerary – where to go sightseeing, where to stay and how many activities to engage in. The core of this option is travelling at a pace that suits you best. Visit France’s local markets, interact with locals in Brazil and lose yourself in the frigid adventure that dog sledding across Alaska is, all with the Freechoice option.

Tailor-made services provided by Scenic are all about choosing the destinations, activities and attractions that pique your interest. Coupled with the GPS locator, this adventure is heightened by the insightful commentary that is triggered at each attraction. So, if you are the kind of traveller that loves to take a last lingering glance before moving on to the next attraction, this is the perfect option for you.

Excellent dining and accommodation options when you travel with Scenic

Part of traveling and exploring the world involves eating and sleeping, which is why Scenic Tours takes dining and accommodation very seriously. Thinking of fine dining where an elaborate 6-course meal tantalizes your taste buds, or chomping pizza with your friends? There’s an exciting option for you at each and every destination, so look out for delectable dishes specially made by Scenic’s chefs. Remember to enjoy the unlimited beverages while at it.

To enjoy all these, look out for destinations served by Scenic Tours. These include Africa, Europe, South America, Japan as well as Australia. If you are intrigued by attractions in Asia, prepare yourself for adventures in India and Nepal, both culturally rich destinations. Alaska is also perfect for visitors who would like to steer away from the norm and marvel at the region’s frigid attractions.

Whichever your tour destination, Scenic Tours offers you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the finest attractions without worrying about inconsequential aspects that characterize cruising and touring.