Outback Spirit Tours

Outback Spirit Tours is the premium Australian company for travellers in small groups, looking for some wild fun in Australia’s remote inland, popularly referred to as the outback.

There are several reasons why you should travel in the ‘spirit of outback’, including:

  • An outback adventure like no other.
  • Great variety of accommodation.
  • Experienced tour drivers and a modern fleet of spacious Mercedes Benz vehicles.

The tour company has the largest network of outback expeditions, which is what makes it the choice company. Arnhem Land is an exclusive adventure while the South West is home to scenic views, wildflowers and mineral wealth. Alternatively, make your way to the vast vineyards that dot South Australia against the outback background for an exciting getaway. Other destinations include Tasmania and a trip through the Canning Stock Route.

Travelling with Outback Spirit Tours

In an outback adventure, nothing quite defines the tour more than the tour guides. With the capacity to make or break your tour, tour guides play an integral role in how your tour pans out. At Outback Spirit Tours, this is well taken care of with the ’10 year experience guarantee’ where all tour drivers have no less than 10 years’ experience of driving heavy vehicles.

The tour guides are well versed with the different destinations where Outback Spirit provides trips. As locals, the drivers are best-positioned to give you insightful information on the different attractions. The cherry on the cake is the passion and zeal with which the tour guides take on the adventure. This palpable zeal calls for a delicate balance between availability and discretion, and goes a long way in making sure that you relax and enjoy every bit of your Australian vacation.

Travel in comfort with the Outback’s extensive fleet of Mercedes Benz trucks designed to ensure you travel safely and comfortably. With more legroom, plush interiors, smoother rides and on board washroom facilities, this is certainly a distinct aspect about choosing Outback Spirit tours.

Look out for the explorer pack provided for by the company. This lightweight pack contains just about everything you need for your Outback adventure, including a handy backpack, towel, water bottle, sunscreen lotion, handy first aid kit and hat. Note that if you already have a backpack ready, you are eligible to a discounted rate per person.

Different accommodation options available when you travel with Outback Spirit Tours

No two outback adventures are the same, which is why there is a wide range of accommodation options available. The accommodation choices are picked carefully to ensure that your stay is both comfortable and enjoyable. If you would like to enjoy unmatched luxury, spend time at any of the opulent hotels which include Cairn’s Shangri La Hotel and Broome’s Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa.

The wilderness camps and lodges offer an exceptionally enjoyable trip when you need to soak in the resplendent beauty of Australia’s stunning landscapes. For luxury in the world, you can choose to stay at the prestigious Nguawudu Safari Camp. When you spend time in the town, make sure you enjoy quality service at the city motels, or simply opt for the beautiful outback hotels.

With stunning destinations and tours to choose from, Outback Spirit Tours makes for the perfect travel partner.