Tampa bus tours

Tampa, Florida, offers several bus tours that allow visitors to explore the city’s attractions, history, and culture. Here are some popular Tampa bus tours you might consider:

  1. Tampa City Tour: Embark on a guided bus tour of Tampa’s top attractions and landmarks. The city tour takes visitors on a narrated journey through downtown Tampa, historic Ybor City, and other neighborhoods, highlighting points of interest such as the Tampa Riverwalk, Tampa Bay History Center, and the Tampa Museum of Art.
  2. Ybor City Historic Tour: Explore the historic district of Ybor City on a guided bus tour that delves into the area’s rich history and cultural heritage. Learn about Ybor City’s origins as a cigar manufacturing center and its diverse immigrant population, and visit landmarks such as the Ybor City State Museum, Columbia Restaurant, and Centennial Park.
  3. Tampa Bay Brewery Tour: Discover Tampa’s craft beer scene on a guided bus tour of local breweries and taprooms. The brewery tour offers tastings and behind-the-scenes access to some of Tampa’s best breweries, including Cigar City Brewing, Tampa Bay Brewing Company, and Coppertail Brewing Co.
  4. Tampa Bay Sightseeing Cruise and Bus Tour: Combine a bus tour with a sightseeing cruise on Tampa Bay for a comprehensive exploration of the city’s waterfront attractions. The tour includes stops at notable landmarks such as Davis Islands, Harbour Island, and the Tampa Bay History Center, as well as a narrated cruise past the Port of Tampa and downtown skyline.
  5. Tampa Ghost Tour: Experience the spooky side of Tampa on a guided bus tour of haunted locations and paranormal hotspots. Hear ghost stories and legends as you visit historic sites, cemeteries, and other eerie destinations, and learn about Tampa’s haunted history from knowledgeable guides.
  6. Tampa Bay Food Tour: Indulge in Tampa’s culinary delights on a guided bus tour of the city’s best restaurants, eateries, and foodie hotspots. Sample a variety of local specialties, from Cuban sandwiches and seafood to craft cocktails and desserts, while learning about Tampa’s diverse culinary scene and cultural influences.

These are just a few examples of the bus tours available in Tampa, offering a variety of experiences for visitors to explore the city’s attractions and discover its rich history, culture, and cuisine. Whether you’re interested in history, food, or the paranormal, there’s a bus tour in Tampa to suit every interest and preference.

Tampa, Florida, has a rich and diverse history that spans centuries, from its indigenous inhabitants to its present-day status as a vibrant city on the Gulf Coast. Here are some key points in Tampa’s history:

  1. Indigenous Peoples: Before the arrival of European explorers, the Tampa Bay area was inhabited by indigenous peoples such as the Tocobaga, Calusa, and Seminole tribes. These Native American communities lived in the region for thousands of years, relying on fishing, hunting, and agriculture for sustenance.
  2. Spanish Exploration: The first European to explore the Tampa Bay area was Spanish conquistador Panfilo de Narvaez in 1528. However, it was not until the 16th and 17th centuries that Spanish explorers, including Hernando de Soto and Pedro Menendez de Aviles, established permanent settlements in Florida, including the Tampa Bay region.
  3. Cigar Industry: In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Tampa became known as the “Cigar Capital of the World” due to its booming cigar industry. Thousands of immigrants, primarily from Cuba, Spain, and Italy, came to Tampa to work in cigar factories, contributing to the city’s cultural diversity and economic growth.
  4. Spanish-American War: Tampa played a significant role in the Spanish-American War of 1898 as the staging area for U.S. troops bound for Cuba. Soldiers and supplies were assembled in Tampa before departing for the war front, and the city experienced a period of rapid growth and development as a result of the military activity.
  5. Development and Expansion: In the early 20th century, Tampa experienced a period of rapid development and expansion, fueled by industries such as shipping, tourism, and real estate. The completion of the Tamiami Trail and the opening of the Gandy Bridge connected Tampa to neighboring cities and facilitated transportation and trade.
  6. Civil Rights Movement: Like many cities in the South, Tampa faced challenges related to segregation and discrimination during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. African American residents and civil rights activists fought for equality and desegregation in schools, businesses, and public spaces, leading to significant social and political changes in the city.
  7. Modern Era: Today, Tampa is a thriving metropolitan area with a diverse population, strong economy, and rich cultural heritage. The city is known for its waterfront parks, cultural attractions, professional sports teams, and vibrant arts scene, making it a popular destination for residents and visitors alike.

Overall, Tampa’s history is marked by resilience, diversity, and transformation, reflecting its evolution from a Spanish colonial outpost to a dynamic and cosmopolitan city on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Tampa, Florida, boasts a vibrant food truck scene with a diverse array of cuisines and flavors to satisfy every palate. Here are some of the best food trucks in Tampa:

  1. The Revolution Ice Cream Co. Truck: Known for its creative and indulgent ice cream flavors, The Revolution Ice Cream Co. Truck offers a rotating selection of handcrafted ice creams, sorbets, and frozen treats. From classics like chocolate and vanilla to innovative flavors like bourbon butter pecan and raspberry cheesecake, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
  2. Anju Korean Gastrotruck: Anju Korean Gastrotruck serves up delicious Korean-inspired dishes with a modern twist. Their menu features favorites like bulgogi beef tacos, kimchi quesadillas, and spicy pork belly sliders, as well as traditional Korean snacks like mandu (dumplings) and kimchi fries.
  3. The Fishin’ Chicken Food Truck: The Fishin’ Chicken Food Truck specializes in Southern comfort food with a focus on fresh seafood and poultry. Their menu includes items like fried catfish po’boys, crispy chicken tenders, and shrimp and grits, as well as sides like hush puppies and coleslaw.
  4. Nico’s Arepas Grill: Nico’s Arepas Grill offers authentic Venezuelan cuisine, with a focus on arepas—grilled cornmeal cakes stuffed with a variety of savory fillings. Their menu features options like shredded beef, black beans, and cheese, as well as vegetarian and vegan options like avocado and plantains.
  5. Empamamas: Empamamas serves up gourmet empanadas with a variety of fillings and flavors. Their menu features classic empanadas like beef picadillo and chicken tinga, as well as creative options like buffalo chicken and macaroni and cheese, all made with locally sourced ingredients and homemade dough.
  6. Rollin’ Zoinks Food Truck: Rollin’ Zoinks Food Truck offers a unique twist on classic comfort food favorites. Their menu includes items like grilled cheese sandwiches, loaded tater tots, and cheesy mac and cheese bowls, as well as specialty sandwiches like the “Zoinks” with slow-cooked pulled pork and barbecue sauce.

These are just a few examples of the best food trucks in Tampa, each offering its own unique flavors and specialties. Whether you’re in the mood for ice cream, Korean cuisine, seafood, Venezuelan arepas, gourmet empanadas, or comfort food classics, Tampa’s food trucks have something for everyone to enjoy.

Tampa, Florida, is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, offering access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the state. Here are some of the best beaches near Tampa:

  1. Clearwater Beach: Clearwater Beach is consistently ranked among the top beaches in the United States for its soft white sand, clear turquoise waters, and vibrant atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, beach volleyball, and water sports, as well as exploring the nearby shops, restaurants, and attractions along the beachfront promenade.
  2. St. Pete Beach: St. Pete Beach is another popular Gulf Coast beach destination known for its wide sandy shores and warm Gulf waters. The beach offers opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and parasailing, as well as relaxing in beachfront cabanas and enjoying waterfront dining and entertainment options.
  3. Fort De Soto Park: Fort De Soto Park is a sprawling coastal park located on a series of barrier islands near Tampa Bay. The park features several pristine beaches, including North Beach, East Beach, and Fort De Soto Beach, each offering beautiful natural scenery, calm waters, and excellent birdwatching opportunities.
  4. Honeymoon Island State Park: Honeymoon Island State Park is a scenic barrier island located just north of Clearwater Beach. The park features four miles of pristine sandy beaches, nature trails, and coastal dunes, as well as a pet-friendly beach area and a nature center where visitors can learn about the island’s wildlife and ecosystems.
  5. Caladesi Island State Park: Caladesi Island State Park is accessible by ferry from Honeymoon Island or by private boat. The park features unspoiled beaches, mangrove forests, and tidal flats, providing opportunities for swimming, shelling, kayaking, and wildlife viewing in a pristine natural setting.
  6. Anna Maria Island: Anna Maria Island is a charming barrier island located just south of Tampa Bay. The island offers several beautiful beaches, including Coquina Beach, Manatee Beach, and Bean Point Beach, as well as quaint beach towns with boutique shops, art galleries, and waterfront restaurants.

These are just a few examples of the best beaches near Tampa, each offering its own unique beauty and recreational opportunities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for powdery white sands, clear blue waters, or natural coastal landscapes, Tampa’s beaches have something for everyone to explore and appreciate.

Tampa, Florida, doesn’t have a reputation for being particularly known for its scary buildings, but there are a few structures that some people might find eerie or haunted. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Tampa Theatre: While not inherently scary, Tampa Theatre is a historic movie palace that is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Foster “Fink” Finley, a projectionist who died in the building in the 1960s. Visitors and staff have reported various paranormal experiences, such as unexplained sounds, apparitions, and feelings of being watched.
  2. University of Tampa’s Plant Hall (Formerly Tampa Bay Hotel): Plant Hall, originally known as the Tampa Bay Hotel, is a historic building on the campus of the University of Tampa. Built in the late 19th century by railroad magnate Henry B. Plant, the hotel is rumored to be haunted by several ghosts, including that of a Spanish-American War soldier and a young girl who reportedly drowned in the hotel’s pool.

While these buildings may have spooky stories associated with them, they are also important historic landmarks in Tampa, with fascinating architecture and rich histories that attract visitors from near and far. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, exploring these buildings can offer a unique glimpse into Tampa’s past and architectural heritage.

Tampa, Florida, is home to a vibrant arts scene with several hot spots where visitors can explore galleries, museums, and public art installations. Here are some of the best art hot spots in Tampa:

  1. Tampa Museum of Art: Located in downtown Tampa along the scenic Tampa Riverwalk, the Tampa Museum of Art features a diverse collection of modern and contemporary art, as well as rotating exhibitions showcasing works by local, national, and international artists. The museum’s striking architecture and waterfront location make it a must-visit for art enthusiasts.
  2. The Dali Museum: While technically located in nearby St. Petersburg, The Dali Museum is worth the short trip for its impressive collection of works by the renowned surrealist artist Salvador Dali. The museum’s distinctive building houses the largest collection of Dali’s works outside of Europe, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and prints.
  3. Ybor City Art District: Ybor City, Tampa’s historic Latin quarter, is home to a thriving arts community with galleries, studios, and creative spaces showcasing the work of local artists. Visitors can explore the district’s cobblestone streets and historic buildings while browsing art galleries, boutique shops, and artisanal boutiques.
  4. The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts: The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (FMoPA) is dedicated to showcasing the art and history of photography through rotating exhibitions, educational programs, and community events. The museum features works by emerging and established photographers from around the world, as well as special exhibitions highlighting various genres and techniques.
  5. Gasparilla Festival of the Arts: The Gasparilla Festival of the Arts is an annual juried art show held in downtown Tampa’s Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. The festival features works by hundreds of artists working in a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, and photography. Visitors can browse the artwork, meet the artists, and enjoy live entertainment, food vendors, and family-friendly activities.
  6. Public Art Installations: Tampa is home to numerous public art installations and murals scattered throughout the city, adding color and vibrancy to streets, parks, and neighborhoods. From larger-than-life sculptures to colorful murals depicting local history and culture, these artworks contribute to Tampa’s artistic identity and sense of place.

These are just a few examples of the art hot spots in Tampa where visitors can explore and experience the city’s vibrant arts scene. Whether you’re interested in contemporary art, photography, or public installations, Tampa offers a variety of opportunities to engage with the arts and immerse yourself in its cultural offerings.

Tampa, Florida, is known for its thriving craft beer scene, with numerous breweries offering a wide variety of beers to suit every taste. Here are some of the top breweries in Tampa:

  1. Cigar City Brewing: Cigar City Brewing is one of the most well-known and highly acclaimed breweries in Tampa. Founded in 2009, Cigar City is famous for its innovative and award-winning beers, including the Jai Alai IPA, Maduro Brown Ale, and Florida Cracker Belgian-style White Ale. The brewery also offers tours and tastings at its spacious taproom in the Carver City neighborhood.
  2. Tampa Bay Brewing Company: Tampa Bay Brewing Company is one of the oldest craft breweries in Tampa, known for its diverse lineup of handcrafted beers and creative seasonal releases. The brewery’s flagship beers include the Reef Donkey APA, Old Elephant Foot IPA, and Gourds Gone Wild Pumpkin Ale. Visitors can enjoy brewery tours, tastings, and pub fare at the brewery’s Ybor City location.
  3. 7venth Sun Brewery: 7venth Sun Brewery is a popular craft brewery with locations in Tampa and Dunedin. Known for its innovative and experimental beers, 7venth Sun offers a rotating selection of IPAs, sour ales, stouts, and barrel-aged brews. The brewery’s Tampa taproom features a cozy atmosphere and outdoor seating, perfect for enjoying a pint with friends.
  4. Hidden Springs Ale Works: Hidden Springs Ale Works is a boutique brewery located in Tampa’s historic Seminole Heights neighborhood. Specializing in small-batch, artisanal beers, Hidden Springs offers a rotating selection of unique and flavorful brews, including IPAs, sours, and barrel-aged specialties. The brewery’s taproom features a laid-back vibe and regular events like trivia nights and live music.
  5. Brew Bus Brewing: Brew Bus Brewing is both a brewery and a craft beer tour company, offering a unique experience for beer enthusiasts in Tampa. Brew Bus brews a variety of core and seasonal beers, including the popular Rollin’ Dirty Irish-style Red Ale and Are Wheat There Yet? American Wheat Ale. Visitors can tour the brewery, sample beers in the taproom, and even take a guided beer tour on the Brew Bus itself.
  6. Green Bench Brewing Company: While technically located in nearby St. Petersburg, Green Bench Brewing Company is worth a visit for its exceptional beers and inviting beer garden. Known for its focus on Belgian-style ales and barrel-aged beers, Green Bench offers a diverse range of brews, from traditional saisons and farmhouse ales to experimental sour beers and wild ales.

These are just a few examples of the top breweries in Tampa, each offering its own unique atmosphere and selection of craft beers to enjoy. Whether you’re a hophead, a sour beer aficionado, or just looking to try something new, Tampa’s breweries have something for every beer lover to savor and explore. There are plenty of other amazing cities to visit nearby Tampa including Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and Miami.