Brighton Double Decker

The United Kingdom has made the big red double-decker bus one of its representations. Therefore, it is perfect that you tour the amazing city on the very red double-decker that the city has made its own, as you travel through all the wonderful places that Brighton has to offer, there would never be a moment of boredom on your Hop On and Hop Off tour through Brighton.

The best part about touring Brighton on a bus is that you can travel above the basic crowd level, especially during rush hour and get a bird’s eye view the magical sights and sounds aided by informative commentary by expert guides who tells you everything you need to know about your surroundings.

Brighton is known to be the south coast’s most lively and happening resorts in the UK, with facilities enough to provide hours of recreation for the entire family. Sightseeing is a unique experience in this luxurious city, as you will get to marvel at all the magnificent places Brighton houses, such as the Royal Pavilion, Regency architecture and Victorian aquariums which are stunning to behold. You will also get a chance to visit the renowned Brighton Pier, along with the amazing Sea life center and the beautiful pebble beach in the city.

In Brighton, even everyday spots seem exciting and exotic as the very streets house brilliant tourist attraction which will truly fill any visitor with a sense of wonder. The open-top of your double-decker bus will help you take on a different perspective to exploring Brighton as you get to see the best places Brighton is known for, which is its seafront. You can explore the high grade shopping areas and restaurants at the Brighton Marina, for a place to unwind after you have spent the whole day exploring the sights that Brighton has to offer.

Here are the major highlights from your Hop On and Hop Off tour in Brighton:

  • You can gain a fresh perspective on the city from an angle even most locals would not be familiar with through entertaining commentary, and provided facts and figures.
  • The tour will enable you to tour the city in comfort, and will allow you to visit and explore different stops at your own luxury, without rushing you as the bus loops around every stop at a designated time.
  • Most information about the tour is provided online so you can sort out your itinerary prior to the tour to save time and get the most out of your visit to Brighton.