Blackpool Double Decker

There are a lot of unique aspects of the United Kingdom which have come to symbolize the country and its heritage, and the big red double-decker bus is one of them. Therefore, it is perfect that you tour the amazing city on the very red double-decker that the country has made its own, as you travel through all the amazing places Blackpool has to offer, there would never be a moment of boredom on your Hop On and Hop Off tour through Blackpool

The best part about touring Blackpool on a bus is that you can travel above the basic crowd level, especially during rush hour and get a panoramic view the magical sights and sounds aided by informative recorded commentary by expert guides who tells you everything you need to know about your surroundings.

Blackpool is one of the most exciting cities of the United Kingdom. Known as the Vegas of UK, it has so many thrills and attractions that would create memories that would last you for an entire lifetime. Blackpool is the location of the original Big Dipper, which is one of the most awesome rollercoasters in the world, along with being the fastest rollercoaster in the world.

Here are a few highlights that you would get to see on your tour through Blackpool:

  • Your tour includes a cheerful journey to the quaint town of St Anne’s- on-Sea , taking in the fresh sea air, while strolling along the delightful promenade and the sophisticated Clifton Drive which will lead you to the traditional resort by the sea, surrounded by the Victorian Porritt buildings, gardens and Victorian Pier.
  • Blackpool is alive with activities, which include wondrous sightseeing opportunities. One of them is the Sea Life center, which houses over two hundred majestic creatures of the sea, which include Sharks, Octopus, Rays and Seahorses.
  • Other water-based attractions in Blackpool include the largest indoor water-park in the UK, which is the Sandcastle Water Park.
  • Your tour also includes a trip to the renowned Pleasure beach, where you can frolic all day in the water, and enjoy the hundred and twenty five rides and attractions that they have. If you go at an appropriate time you might be lucky enough to catch one of the spectacular programs that they host at the beach every now and then, which are always fantastic forms of entertainment.