Barcelona Double Decker

Barcelona Hop On Hop OffBarcelona has been called by several names throughout history. At one point it was called a city of mysterious, of magic and of wonder. Steeped in history of famous revolutions, culture and art, Barcelona is a city that has captured the hearts of many who have visited it. From the hills to Montjuic to mystical houses that can be visited by trams, Barcelona hosts some of the best examples of Gothic Architecture in the world.

The Skip the line tour offers a view around Barcelona through a perspective that traveling alone cannot accomplish. It touches all of the best sites around the city, complete with a guide that fills you in on the mystique surrounding the city and its monuments.

The best example of Gothic architecture can be seen throughout the city through the designs of the eccentric Guadi, an architect which is single handedly responsible for constructing some of the most baffling structures throughout the city. However, he has had his hand in creating the magnificent La Sagrada Familia, a gargantuan church which is a representation of the Catalan brilliance exhibited in each of its wondrous spires, facades and its interior.

  • The La Sagrada Familia is crowded all year round with tourists, hence if you visit through the skip the line tour, you literally get to skip the line and avoid all the annoying waiting as you can cruise through the attraction leisurely accompanied by your skilled guide.
  • When you get to Montjuic hill, you can literally see the entire city, alive with excitement and wonder. When you get to the Gothic Quarter, which is the oldest part of Barcelona. You would have to leave the tour bus behind as the streets are so narrow that you would have to walk through them.
  • You can walk around the ancient marketplace, where you will be offered a complimentary glass of Cava, which is a famous Catalan sparkling wine, along with a selection of delicious, native tapas from the local market. You would literally feel as if you have entered a time machine, as you walk through the Jewish Quarters and the Royal Palace, which has literally been in place since its construction two thousand years ago.

These are just a few highlights of the many attractions offered in the tour, which you will attend with a small group of just fifteen people, getting all the personal attention that you require as you tour this magical city.

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