Topdeck Travel

Topdeck Tours offers tailor-made trips for travellers who would like to see the world at their pace, while enjoying the beautiful memories of the adventure.

Some of the key benefits of using Topdeck include:

  • Specially formulated tours for anyone between 18 and 35 years.
  • The choice of destinations spanning 5 continents.
  • Great fiery discounts you can only get at Topdeck Tours.

At Topdeck, one of the most fundamental aspects of the travel adventures is to offer unforgettable adventures that will remain etched in your mind for years to come. Specially formulated for travellers in the 18-35 year age bracket, you can be sure to find exhilarating tours to a host of destinations in the following places: Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Africa, Middle East and North America.

Topdeck’s wide variety of destinations

This global footprint of Topdeck’s choice destination is what offers you diversity. So, whether you’d like to visit the ancient pyramids in Egypt, or would like to soak in the rich Italian culture as you enjoy pizza or perhaps simply visit the picturesque coastline of South Spain, Topdeck has got you covered. When in Europe, you could choose the comprehensive multi-region trips for an all-round glimpse into Europe’s remarkable culture.

Down South, Topdeck Tours offers an incredible opportunity to visit some of Australia’s most charming destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Ayers Rock and the magnificent islands. Make your way to New Zealand where you can enjoy exhilarating bungy jumping, a cruise on the placid Milford sound and trekking in Tongariro National Park.

In North America, you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you want to party the night away in Las Vegas, or prefer to take on a natural trip in the outdoors marveling at the Grand Canyon or enjoy the spray mist of the famed Niagara Falls, you can be sure to see the very best of North America.

Take a safari through Africa’s beautiful landscape where you can come face to face with the Big 5 in Kenya, go bungee jumping at the magnificent Victoria Falls or climb sand dunes in the heat of the vast Namib Desert. This is the quintessential part of travelling in Africa. Check out the featured trips to Africa for more details on this epic adventure.

Topdeck 2024 top tours

  • Get Social: Central & Southern Europe Highlights – 16 days / 7 countries
  • Get Social: Northern & Eastern Europe Highlights – 17 days / 10 countries
  • Get Social: Central & Eastern Europe Highlights – 16 days / 9 countries
  • Get Social: Central & Eastern Europe (Winter) – 24 days / 12 countries
  • Delve Deep: Italy – 13 days / 2 countries
  • Delve Deep: Turkey – 13 days / 1 country
  • Get Social: Scandi Express (Winter) – 8 days / 3 countries
  • Get Social: Mega European – 49 days / 19 countries
  • Delve Deep: Jordan & Israel – 12 days / 2 countries
  • Delve Deep: Iceland – 8 days / 1 country
  • Get Social: Central & Eastern Europe – 24 days / 12 countries
  • Delve Deep: Denmark, Norway & Sweden – 13 days / 3 countries
  • Get Social: Central Europe Highlights – 14 days / 7 countries
  • Play & Pause: Intro to Europe – 13 days / 7 countries
  • Play & Pause: Epic European – 36 days / 18 countires
  • Get Social: Big European – 27 days / 14 countries
  • Play & Pause: Great Southeast Asia – 29 days / 4 countries
  • Play & Pause: Southeastern Europe Highlights – 16 days / 7 countries
  • Delve Deep: Spain, Portugal & Morocco – 13 days / 3 countries
  • Play & Pause: Britain & Ireland – 17 days / 5 countries
  • Get Social: Canadian Rockies – 10 days / 1 country

Topdeck tour Deals

At Topdeck, they are aware just how much travellers would like to make some savings to enjoy the most of their holiday, which is why you can always find hot weekly deals. The deals range from as much as 30% off to 10% off. These deals vary depending on the date of departure, destination and time of booking.

When you book your trip 6 months in advance, you can be eligible for 5% off. This is the same deal when you book your second trip, just for Topdeck to express its appreciation. Travelling with friends is also sure to earn you great bargains, so go ahead join your friends for the adventure of a lifetime. The road to travel the world is not meant to be taken alone, so snap up these discounts from Topdeck Tours for an incredible adventure.