Shamrocker Adventures

Shamrocker can easily be described as the home of Irish adventures for anyone who wants to get the best of Ireland during their vacation in the country.

Key benefits of using Shamrocker Adventures include:

  • Flexible travel packages to make sure you enjoy your adventure the Irish way.
  • Legendary tour guides, born and bred in Ireland.
  • The ‘Book and Go’ Guarantee which is the firm’s assurance of zero tour cancellations.

The authenticity of Shamrocker Adventures is the hallmark of quality services

The company was founded in 1999, and took upon itself to provide budget travellers with the opportunity to discover some of the country’s most precious getaways without splurging on the trip. In addition, the team at this firm also makes it possible for you to interact with the locals for the full Irish experience, so get ready to immerse yourself in the culture.

For travellers who would like to get a glimpse of the Irish way of life, it helps to know that all of the tour guides at Shamrock are born and bred in Ireland, a stamp of approval as far as authenticity goes. There are legends, regardless of any perspective you choose to look at it from. All this, simply because these guides are fully aware of the country’s history and cultural nuances, so much so that interacting with them leaves you both intrigued and informed.

One of the reasons why you should settle for Shamrocker Adventures is that the travel outfit makes Ireland an adventure for just about everyone regardless of their background. The fact that also you get to benefit from the ‘Book and Go’ guarantee means that in the more than a decade of existence, the tour company has not cancelled a single tour.

Choose from any of the Shamrocker travel packages available to suit your plans

Look out for the packages too as they offer travellers the choice of how to spend their money. With no hidden costs on accommodation, food or the typical extras, you can be sure to get value for your money. There are different options as far as the trips are concerned: from single day tours to seven-day tours for a more invigorating experience the Irish way.

Sample all of Ireland’s key attractions when you take on the 7-day package and tour just about all the major attractions over the 7 days. Alternatively, take on the 5-day Giant’s Rocker or Celtic Rocker, depending on whether you would like to enjoy the southern part of the country.

3-day tours offer a delightful mix of attractions to ensure you journey through some of Ireland’s must-tour attractions. For a 1-day experience, the Aran Rocker is the perfect way to explore the beautiful island of Inis Mor, complete with the presence of the friendly locals.

It is impossible to talk about adventure in Ireland without mentioning St. Patrick’s Day, one of the most important holidays in the country’s calendar. Shamrocker Adventures offers special packages on this day. Whether you want to go all out with the ultimate 7-day tour, or are content partying away with the 4-day St. Patrick’s Party in Dublin, the choice is yours.

Private groups are not locked out as they have the option of booking group tours in which Shamrocker Adventures takes special effort to plan such a trip seamlessly. For all these and more during your stay in Ireland, you can be sure you have one of the best partners in your quest to discover Ireland’s hidden gems.