Haggis Adventures

Haggis Adventures is a dynamic travel company that was founded in 1993 when a group of locals from Scotland came together to formulate exciting tour guides.

Some of the key advantages of using Haggis include:

  • Affordable travel packages alongside experienced local guides.
  • The choice of multi-day or single-day trips which adds diversity to your adventures.
  • Special events that offer the chance to enjoy Scotland like never before.

By breaking the norms of stuff guided trips that were in vogue back then, the company made a conscious effort to make every trip as fun as possible. To offer guests the best experience, the tour firm provides local guides who can then bring to life the Scotland’s majestic beauty, rich culture and riveting myths. The company started with a single trip, but is now an acclaimed travel partner offering different adventures across Scotland.

Multi-day and Single-day tours with Haggis

Based in Edinburgh, Haggis Adventures operates different types of trips: multi-day and single-day tours in Scotland as well as special events. The multi day tours range between 3 days and 10 days, giving you the chance to marvel at some of the world’s most stunning attractions. The single day tours on the other hand, are all about going off the beaten track to explore the scenery, vibrant culture and wildlife.

Perhaps the most exciting thing in using Haggis as a tour operator is the provision for special interest tours. This works perfectly for groups travelling together or those that are brought together by a mutual interest. Some of the theme tours on offer include Genealogy, Wildlife, Golfing, Malt Whisky and trekking.

Haggis offers day trips from Edinburgh to different destinations under different tags: the Whisky and Waterfalls trip that will take you through Mountains, Lochs and a Whisky distillery while the Stirling Castle and Loch Lomond offers you the quintessential visit through Scotland in a day. If you are a fan of golfing, you will enjoy the St Andrews & Kingdom of Fife day tour.

There are different tours to take you through Scotland on multiple days. The award-winning day trips offer visitors an unparalleled experience in enjoying the beauty of Loch Ness, Glencoe and the iconic whisky distillery to go behind the scenes of one of Scotland’ s most popular exports. Alternatively, take the 7-day coast to coast tour and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the spectacular Northern Highlands.

For visitors who are charmed by magnificent lochs, majestic mountains and ancient castles, the 3-day Skye High tour is the perfect choice. Other tours that allow you to soak in Scotland’s beauty over a couple of days include the 5-day Highland Fling that combines scenic views with rich history, and the 5-day Hebridean Hopper that allows you to enjoy the rugged terrain of the desolate islands that blend effortlessly with the Gaelic culture.

Most popular Haggis Adventure Tours

  • 8 day tour – Orkney, Hebrides & North Coast 500
  • 6 day tour – Isle of Skye & Hebridean Hopper
  • 5 day tour – Winter Highland Fling
  • 5 day tour – Highland Fling
  • 6 day tour – Up Helly Aa
  • 4 day tour – Puffin Island Hopper
  • 3 day tour – Wild Skye & Loch Ness Hunter
  • 3 day tour – Easter in Scotland
  • 3 day tour – Skye High
  • 3 day tour – Winter Skye High

Plan for special events in Scotland with Haggis adventures

Special events revolve around specific events that allow you to experience Scotland like never before. Spending Christmas in the snow-white mountains, complete with whiskey to keep warm sounds like an exciting way to enjoy the season. If you prefer to spend New Year in Scotland, look out for Hogmanay Specials tour.

Scotland is a beautiful country with stunning scenery, great culture and a myriad of attractions. Partner with Haggis Adventures for the time of your life; best of all, you get to travel within your budget, just the way you want.